Is SEO Still Relevant?

Many people question the relevance of SEO today because algorithm changes continue to reward high-quality content. It’s common for someone to think as long as they’re publishing great content, SEO will take care of itself somehow.

Sure, quality content is great for boosting your brand’s trust online and getting people to visit your site. But it takes more than content alone to get your site found online by your targeted market.

SEO is indeed relevant today. Think about the last time you looked for a product or service to buy. It’s probably safe to assume that you used a search engine like Google to find what you were looking for.

Thanks to SEO, it was probably fast and easy to find what you needed. That’s the beauty of good SEO: it’s an effective way to connect people with the exact type of information, products, or services they’re looking for online.

Your Content Depends on SEO

No matter how awesome your content is, it can’t help you succeed without SEO. With search engine optimisation at work for you, your great content will be seen by your target audience. When a target customer finds your top-shelf content online, they’ll likely want to find out more about your business and drop into your website to have a look around.

Keywords Matter

Many years ago search engines processed keywords differently than they do now. Back then, you could partake in keyword stuffing and get your site ranked high. But that practice is not allowed today because all it will do is earn you a Google penalty instead of high rankings and website traffic.

If you want your site to rank well today, you have to incorporate relevant keywords into your content without overusing them. And the more relevant your keywords, the more qualified your traffic will be.

Not sure what keywords to use? No problem. There are some great tools you can use to discover relevant keywords like SEMRush and KeywordsFX. When you use one of these tools, you can pinpoint keywords and phrases commonly used by searchers looking for a business like yours.

SEO Connects You with Local Customers

There’s no better way today to bring customers through the door of your business (or website), than by outranking your local competitors. With local SEO, you can reach your prospective customers by targeting online users who are searching in your local area. This means that if your site is optimised correctly, you can dominate the local search results for your niche.

SEO Helps Broaden Your Brand’s Reach

There’s a big segment of consumers today that don’t like advertising nor trust it. This consumer group is made up primarily of millennials who are resistant to traditional marketing tactics like email spam, paid ads, and cold calling.

Using SEO, your business can attract potential customers instead of turning them off with irritating marketing practices. By targeting the right keyword phrases, you can tap into a potentially massive market of interested consumers.

Now that you know SEO is still relevant in 2021, get busy fine-tuning your search engine optimisation strategy. And don’t expect SEO to lose relevance anytime soon. While the tactics may change for driving targeted traffic to your site, the basic principles will remain as they are, at least for the foreseeable future.