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Top 10 Blogs in Scotland

Bright Green Scotland

One of the leading Scotland’s left wing blogs is focused on political news from both Scotland and the world.

A Scottish Liberal

A blog of Andrew Page who declares himself a liberal by both personal and political conviction.

Better Nation

This blog is written by several Scottish political bloggers and guest authors of different political convictions.

Dundee Westend

A blog of LibDem Councillor for Dundee’s West End Ward, Fraser MacPherson.

Iain Macwhirter Now and Then

A blog of the renowned Scottish political commentator Iain Macwhirter.

Go Lassie Go

A blog of Joan McAlpine, a Member of the Scottish Parliament and proponent of Scottish independence.

Lallands Peat Worrier

A blog of Andrew Tickell writing under a pseudonym on political issues as well as on law, sociology, moral philosophy and ethics.

Labour Hame

A blog of the Scottish Labour that is co-edited by MP Tom Harris and MSP Kezia Dugdale.

Gerry Hassan

A blog of Gerry Hassan, one of Scotland’s most distinguished public intellectuals.

Kezia Dugdale

A personal blog of Kezia Dugdale, a Member of the Scottish Parliament and Scottish Labour’s shadow education minister.